Farm Fresh

… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.

Porter – Day Two

You Meet: Great Grandma Annie, Great Aunt Gail, Lene, Natalie and Tanner

Firsts: Dad drives us home! He is nervous. We go home to Thorp and the Porter Store!

Notes: Mom and dad don’t know what the heck to do but we are happy. We don’t know quite how to sleep with you yet so it’s a tough night. You fall asleep on dad’s chest so he stays up and watches movies ‘cuz he doesn’t want to move you.

Weather: sunny and perfect again – 40-50’s?


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Porter – Day One

Birth! February 18, 2010.

8lb 5oz, 20.5 in.

You meet: mom and dad, Judi the doula, Tonia the midwife, JohnnieJean the nurse and the Grammas, your great gramma Swann, great aunt Kathy and 2nd cousin Jacci.

Firsts: diaper change, meal outside womb- breastfeeding

Notes: We stay the night, the nurses take care of us, check on you, check on mom.

Weather: perfect, sunny


Porter and Monica

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