Farm Fresh

… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.

Growth Spurt

8am I hear your dad getting ready for work  and some rustling where you fell asleep last, which is right below my armpit. I think  I might have enough time to get in a diaper change,brush my teeth, make some- nope, you’re hungry.

8:45 You eat and I think about what I want to do today, which leads me to look up iapps for workouts.

9:15 Quick! Coffee, 2 frozen waffles. You’re fussing, oh, you needed to spit up on me I guess. I attempt a tidy and some sorting all while trying you in different positions- on your back, tummy time, in the bouncer, in my lap, on my shoulder. I manage to clip my toenails! You’re about to blow so I sneak in another diaper.

10:15 Time for second breakfast (yours). And I guess I’ll try the blog thing as I’ve been meaning to come back to it and also document your feeding in one day. What’s next? Shower? A walk? Yoga? It’s a beautiful day and I’ll be depressed if I don’t get out there.  Goals for today: J and R’s present, exercise, shower, research store, Keith’s thank you, pump, make easter plans.

10:48 I motivate into yoga pants, throw you in a hoodie and the bjorn and we’re off. We get in a 30 minute walk! you fall asleep half way and continue to nap through the squats .  I was ambitious enough to think about situps and a shower. You wanted third breakfast and a diaper change.

11:45 You eat, I email.

12:30 Ambitiousness sets in. I destroy my  bangs, take a shower (you are in the bouncer). I shave my legs but forget the pits- again. Thank god gramma Joey gave us soup. I put it on the stove, your fussing builds, I discover a big ol’ blowout down under and put diaper to soak in time to feed you lunch. Mine awaits on the stove top.

1:18 You have lunch. And so do I, careful not to spill soup on your outfit. I really don’t want to change you again.

1:36 You fall asleep. Could this be true? Do I risk moving you? Bad idea. The next 30 minutes are an attempt to curb the blood curdling screams coming out of your precious lungs. We change your diaper, I sing, we dance, we go outside…

2:06 Nothing will do- you are eating again. I research 5 week old eating patterns again to reassure myself this is normal. I read you should be eating anywhere from 6-12 times a day (more for breast-feeders) for 10-40 minutes at at time. I can see why people bottle feed with formula.

2:36 You fall asleep for 10 minutes, wake up, cry, diaper change. I think we will eat again!

4:00 A watched pot never boils. You fall asleep! Dishes, laundry, coffee, write a thank you card.

4:48 You’re up, fresh diaper, I guess I’ll resume watching the Shipping News. By my count, this is your 7th meal today.

5:45 Rinse, wash, repeat.

Time runs into itself. We eat dinner attached, company comes by, we watch another movie, a few more diaper changes; your dad does some research to conclude you are going through a “growth spurt”, this is normal and I am a wonderful mom. I think he’s afraid I might snap. This is probably because I said “I might snap if this goes on.”  But it doesn’t. You fall asleep around 12:30am and sleep until 5am and I live to finish yesterday’s saga while you, well, while you eat second breakfast.


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  1. Paulus says:

    you’re braver than I, Monica.

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