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themes of middle-aging, the female variety

I recently received an email from my friend Abigail Guay. Her newest show involves the above.  See email transcript below.

I am curating a show at the Kirkland Arts Center – a two-person collaboration between photographers Sarah Knobel and Alison Brady – that opens in January 2011.  Sarah and Alison are looking at themes of middle-aging, the female variety, and they would like to hear from ladies (particularly creative ladies) in the 25-40 range about what they’re doing, why, and how that’s affecting the old sense-of-self.  Following is a link to a survey Sarah and Alison put together, something to help them assess the overall mental landscape:
The user name and password are both “survey” and the page will ask you for those at both the beginning and the end.  If you have friends you’d like to pass this to, feel very free to.
Thanks so much!

My Survey Answers:

What is your age?


What city do you live in?

Thorp, WA

Do you work in a creative field? What are your expectations on your work’s earning power?

Yes, however I am underemployed a the moment because I left my position at a nonprofit arts org to move in with my husband and spend time with newborn.  My work’s earning power is I suspect mediocre. There are positions out there that pay well, but definitely not here! I am not in it for the money, although now that I am applying for jobs, I will not take any position. I’d rather make none and work in the garden.

Do you have a dual career? Are you an artist
(visual arts, theater, music or writing)
or in a creative field, but must also work a 2nd job to make ends meet?

No, simply because I stopped making art to make money. I am thinking of getting back into it.

If yes, does this life-style create any frustration, confusion, stress, exhaustion or guilt? If so is aging a factor?


What is your definition of stability?

Twofold: Material needs must be met- health insurance, rent, food and Emotional needs must be met- through family, friends and inspiration.

What would be an ideal situation for you within the next couple years? Please Describe.

That’s a tough one.  We are working out a few different situations. A. We start a nonprofit arts org in Thorp that brings art to the community and I am the Director 😉 B. I take a FT position that will support my husband enough for his artistic endeavors and he spends more time with son.

Are there specific things that cause you anxiety and fear as you age?

Financial security.

What pressures do you feel at your age? Are there comments that you hear about your age?

Interestingly, the only pressures I feel are to maintain my previously active social life while living in a rural community with a small group of friends and new family.  Most people I talk to say 30’s are great! I agree!


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