Farm Fresh

… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.

Garden Notes

Try more seeds!

Add to the list-

green beans

already in the garden are:

5 tomato – woah- they are off the hook- 1 cherry, 1 beefsteak, 1 roma, 2 others maybe too many
2 swiss chard
2 kale
1 other green , 1 died with aphids
dill- pretty good

3 basil starts- 1 cinnamon basil
3 eggplants- 2 did well
2 peppers, doing OK
4 cucumbers- only a few cukes so far
2 zucchini- maybe blight, little fruits turn yellow and die
3 brussels, nothing yet but still possible
3 peas- not strung right but a few fruits
onions- doing pretty good but not pulled yet
2 squash- seem okay but nothing yet

radishes- doing awesome
lettuce- doing awesome
carrots- appear to be awesome but haven’t pulled them yet
beets- planted late(2 weeks ago) but are on their way

garlics only- pretty small but from Porter house

OTHER- sage, parsley, mint and chives all doing well

raspberry plants from Joey doing well
strawberries did pretty well


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