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… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.

Happy Un-birthday!

You are 6 months old today!!! Longest, most unreal 6 months of my life! We are living in Natalie and Tanner’s rental, called the Red House now.  When I look at how you’ve grown and changed, I’m amazed.  You are now rocking on your hands and knees, speaking in your own way, you recognize your name and those closest to you. You love to smile! Especially at me and dad, Natalie and the grammas- but anyone will do.  You can pick up two objects with each hand. You like your exersaucer- you love the dogs. I think you are about 19 pounds, 26″. 90% for those. You are lean like your dad but even though your eyes are blue- they at least are like mine. Oh, and we have started experimenting with “solids”- pears, potatoes, sweet potatoes, grains. I am secretly hoping you will take to them more and more as the months progress but you are the boss.

Right now, you are napping. I think you are developing something like a schedule as this is your second day in a row for a 10 o’clock nap. When you wake up, we will take a shower together and then go to grammas where you will stay while I go to Gallery One to work on Paint Ellensburg. Your dad is at work. He has kept his full time job for us- heath insurance and all but he is also moving into the firehouse so that he can have a studio to make art. Primarily to get ready for his residency in New York in October.

I can’t wait to see you grow more. I read that your sign, aquarius has tendencies towards humanitarianism.  I should enjoy your attention while I can.  Scientist, musician, politician, news reporter?  We will see! I just hope you are happy- like I am. I hope you can talk to me as you continue to find your way in the world.  In general, you are extremely friendly and happy. Every now and then, I see you look away and I wonder where your mind goes.  You look down briefly and my heart reaches out to you. I wonder if it was a self consciousness or simple self reflection.

Well Mister Porter Miller Beckman- I love you a lot. Happy Un-birthday!

Love, Mom


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