Farm Fresh

… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.

Thorp-Edison Summit 2010

This weekend was what I hope becomes our annual summit to Edison.  It’s a small town on a popular route up near Bellingham. Think oysters, beer, cookies and lush green and there you go. Artists Sheila Klein and Reis Niemi have something of a complex up there that is near paradise.  When one thinks about growing up and being an artist, this is what they think of. Studios, property, a great garden and a couple of kids.  Yes, Justin and I like hanging out with these two at there home.  Two miles form their complex is Edison- home of two galleries, two bars, two bakeries, a curio-gallery, and our favorite- the newest local spot- hangout, breakfast joint, coffee shop and grocer, Tweets. Highlights from the trip:

Hanging on the trampoline with Justin and Porter
A visit to Golden Glen Creamery
Chattin it up with Sheila in her garden
The sugar high I got eating roca and brittle
Negotiating space for the stuff we got at the Lucky Dumpster
Sleeping in our new pad (Able the Vanagon)

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