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… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.

9 months

At nine months Porter, you are 19 lbs 2 oz, 29″ and a wonderful handful.  You are totally clued into snuggling and use my arm as a pillow at night to fall back asleep. We are starting you in the crib but eventually, we can’t resist.  Your feedings at night are spreading out- I think you only had two last night but admittedly, we obsess over your sleep schedule and feeding schedule. We’re trying to create a routine and gather the strength to put you in your own room. Of course it is 5 degrees right now so a good cuddle I think is in order.  You’re putting things in things, lifting up carpet corners, taking the dog lid off the can and you love to play chase. You’re a super fast crawler and are learning to “cruise”. Your new thing is waving hi and bye and have taken to practicing in the middle of the night. You prefer to feed yourself at the dinner table and can entertain yourself through an entire meal although your aim is not quite 100% yet. Your Gramma Joey watches you 2-3 times a week at her place and you love her and Archie. Gramma swann is dying to come over here for slumber parties and ice cream.  You are loved like crazy and you are so freaking cute, I often contemplate baby modeling.  My anguish of not working at a job is gone. I like being your mommy.  I think something is coming up around the corner but I’m not as worried about it anymore.  After all, I have a lot of crafts to make for the craft bazaar! Shrinky dinks and glitter eggs here we come!  You love people and especially love little kids. At Thorpsgiving you and Henrik were playing chase, you like to hug little people and your kisses are slobbery.  I imagine for Christmas you’ll like the boxes more then the toys! You’re the best!


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If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

A little late for the holiday, but this year was the best Halloween ever!  After years of failed costumes, I finally got one right. Not my own of course, but Porter’s skunk costume was a big hit!  Although it was incredibly simple, I couldn’t have done it without my mom. She watched Porter while I cut and sewed the felted parts onto Porter’s black hoodie. Black pants and black socks with white circles for paw prints added the finishing touches and it’s true, when crawling on the ground Porter looked like a real skunk.

He got to show off his duds at our block party. We invited everyone over for halloween beef stew and gross champagne cocktails and then the party moved to Natalie and Tanner’s. They, of course went all out with a total of I think about 6 carved pumpkins, black ice, a leaf path, cornstalks and of course full sized candy bars for treats.  We did our best to step up by projecting Nosferatu on the small building between us.

And despite the fact that only 200 people live in town, we got about 30 trick or treaters. Everythign form the little princess to the apathetic teens just out for a treat. Of course you have to give them candy for fear of the trick! The best costume went to Henrik, Howard and Lorri’s son who came as a Robotic Candy Disposal Unit.

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Ode to the Tomato

Unlike many gardeners in this area, we had a plethora of tomatoes this year. I am still undergoing tomato management as the last of the green ones continue to ripen on my counter.  I am contemplating throwing them in the compost but I love tomatoes so much, it hurts. Instead, I fear they will shrivel up and even worse, get moldy on my counter top. If I can, perhaps I will attempt to make tomato paste.

This year I was able to dabble in canning and after 5 or 6 failed attempts (I know, it’s supposed to be easy), I have now 8 quarts of plain tomatoes, some salsa and a good stash of the dried little guys.  This does not count even the fresh ones we have consumed and/or given away. In summary though, I will not plant as many romas- they were mealy and flat in comparison to the black beauty and other heirloom varieties we planted.  I definitely want a beefsteak, a couple cherries and some good old fashioned salad tomatoes. And although our cages worked, even the 36″ proved too small so we may be going up to 4′ next summer.

I found this poem from a favorite- Pablo Neruda to close out the tomato season:

Oda al Tomate


La calle
se llenó de tomates,
la luz
se parte
en dos
de tomate,
por las calles
el jugo.
En diciembre
se desata
el tomate,
las cocinas,
entra por los almuerzos,
se sienta
en los aparadores,
entre los vasos,
las matequilleras,
los saleros azules.
luz propia,
majestad benigna.
Debemos, por desgracia,
se hunde
el cuchillo
en su pulpa viviente,
es una roja
un sol
llena las ensaladas
de Chile,
se casa alegremente
con la clara cebolla,
y para celebrarlo
se deja
esencial del olivo,
sobre sus hemisferios entreabiertos,
la pimienta
su fragancia,
la sal su magnetismo:
son las bodas
del día
el perejil
las papas
hierven vigorosamente,
el asado
con su aroma
en la puerta,
es hora!
y sobre
la mesa, en la cintura
del verano,
el tomate,
astro de tierra,
y fecunda,
nos muestra
sus circunvoluciones,
sus canales,
la insigne plenitud
y la abundancia
sin hueso,
sin coraza,
sin escamas ni espinas,
nos entrega
el regalo
de su color fogoso
y la totalidad de su frescura.

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