Farm Fresh

… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.

She’s Crafty

What’s an unemployed-mom-in-the-country-who-doesn’t-like-to-bake-cookies to do with herself as the holidays draw near? Make crafts of course!  What can I say, I got a little carried away and made a few things badly and one thing well. We (Natalie and I) were supposed to show off our stuff at the Thorp Christmas bazaar, but, luckily that got canceled due to the whooping cough.  Instead, we had an impromptu bizarre bazaar here, complete with the chili made for the canceled chili cook-off (see whooping cough). Also, I managed to decorate our Christmas tree and give away some fun goodies.  Check out the slide show below for a snap shot of a few things I drove myself crazy with. My favorite were the felt coasters (yes, you can look for my line of coasters on Etsy one of these days) and the glittered eggs. The soap was made in Brooklyn at 3rd Ward during Justin;s residency so that had some sentiment attached but truthfully it was kind of stinky. The wasabi almonds were last minute and could have been better.  Ideas for next year include snow globes and these awesome good luck gifts I found at Martha Stewart.  The shrinky dinks were fun but make better gift tags I think then ornaments. Enjoy!

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