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… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.

Summer Harvest

Thought it would be good to take notes of our bounty and production over the summer so I can try to stay up on the timing of things.

Morels- The amount of morels I got was embarrassing by comparison to some of the fanatics I call friends. Note here that they peeked the week of June 9th when we were in Portland but I understand that some were getting 10lbs at a time. I may have gotten 5 total but I didn’t weigh them.

Asparagus – Last week of May Sara Oblas got me 20 lbs of seconds from some warehouse in Mattawa.  I blanched and froze about half (putting them on a cookie sheet first so they didn’t stick together). Then I pickled about a 1/4 which gave me 5 pints. Unfortunately the were way to salty so I’ll be looking for another recipe next year, although they were GREAT for bloody mary’s.  The rest were broiled for our housewarming brunch.  Honestly- I could take 30 lbs easy.

Strawberries – Gramma brought in two flats from Puyallup for the housewarming on July 3. Could have taken less but we did get 7 1/2 pints of strawberry ginger jam (used the box recipe from the sure-set or whatever gelatin I used and added ginger), some strawberry Brush with red wine vinegar, froze about 1/3 (again with the cookie sheet) and we’re still trying to eat the sugared preserved guys in the fridge.

Cherries – Next up Justin is getting 20 lbs to freeze, can, marinate for cocktails and make cordial. That is our weekend.

Other things for the summer to process include corn, cucumbers and blueberries. Hopefully I will be able to can tomatoes but the way the garden is looking I am not hopeful. I’ll have to do another garden post to remember the long list of failures.



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