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… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.


I am in a canning fever. I am convinced I should start making and selling jams and pickles. What is wrong with me? I can’t help it – they are beautiful. I am obsessed with anything in these canning jars. Argh!I have even looked into the rules and regs for doing this legit and started a business plan.

Luckily I am not alone. There are others!

To Inspire

Food In Jars

Canning Across America

Inside the Kagonoff Kitchen

To Buy

This is how deep I am:

My fake start of a business plan…

Backyard Lab

Fresh preserves and the supplies to make them.

We offer jams and pickles made from local and fresh ingredients from the Yakima Valley.  Products can be purchases online, at the store and café or at the Ellensburg Farmer’s market.

About Me

I fell in love with canning immediately. Upon moving to Central Washington to start a family with my husband artist, Justin Colt Beckman and son Porter, I was inspired by the jewel tones of the fruits and vegetables in the garden and wanted to hold on to the beauty year around.  I love the process of preserving too, the work, the sun, the tiniest bit of creativity amidst the chemistry of it all.  While I also enjoy a career as an arts administrator, canning allows me to integrate creativity and domesticity at once.  It’s my hope that these products will inspire the love of local products, the beauty that surrounds us and encourage conversations around a table with friends and family.

10% of proceeds go towards the arts in Ellensburg.



Biscuit Mix





The Lab

Located in downtown Ellensburg, we make our products on site and offer a place to enjoy them with Herkimer coffee, homemade ginger beer, on biscuits paired with peanut butter or in a pie!

More then local- next door! The main ingredients come from local farmers or neighbors and friends backyards!

I found this from someone- “I preserve local and organic produce by hand, in small batches, on the same day I pick or purchase it from local markets. “ “never any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or colorings. “


Blueberry Basil Apricot

Summer in a jar. This jam is made from three ingredients as they simultaneously come in to season.  It’s a versatile jam that can be used on a warm buttered scome o rmixed with balsamic vinegar and oil for a summer dressing.  The good thing is, it lasts all year!

Strawberry Ginger

For the little girl in everyone. This jam is sugar and spice and everything nice! Fresh strawberries are paired with ginger chunks and transform the traditional strawberry shortcake into a new favorite.

Cherry Almond

A tiny bit if almond flavor mellows the Bing cherry sweetness. Why bother with the bread, you’ll want to eat this one with a spoon! Or, surprise your guests and spread this on lamb for dinner!

Apricot Rosemary

Dribble this on your pancakes for breakfast or take a brie and Apricot Rosemary sandwich to the lake. Small apricots make for a nice light flavor that holds on to the end of summer as the subtle hint of rosemary prepares you for fall.

Raspberry Rhubarb

Spicy Plum

Pear ?

Caramel Sauce


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