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… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.

Pear Jam

I swore I wouldn’t make pear jam. I really don’t need any more jam. Really and I didn’t think I would like it. Well, I had already lost half of the pears I gleaned from my neighbor and time was ticking so I canned three quarts in sugar syrup, filled my dehydrator, set some aside for Porter and still, there were pears. So I made this recipe from Local Kitchen Blog. No variations except I didn’t have the patience to caramelize. I was over it!


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  1. Monica Miller says:

    Oh no problem. I have been using this blog as more of a home cookbook – like cutting out clippings, but I can understand since it is not a private page, that you would want to preserve your preserving recipes! I have often tried to change recipes up but sometimes I get lazy. Thanks for your email and hope there are no hard feelings! (I have deleted the recipe from my page but kept the link so I can go back to it).

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