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… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.


My craving for Pho got tot he point where I had to make it myself.  Barring driving over the pass to Seattle in a snowstorm and risking death, I decided to try this recipe. This was soooo good. I thought it would be too salty but with the meat and noodles it was perfect. I threw in some broccoli and carrots with the noodles too so we had a complete meal.  Unfortunately I didn’t slice the meat thin enough so I had to take it out of every ones bowl and dip in the boiling water but it was still super.This is the beef version but there is a chicken version too I must try out.

For appetizers we all made our own fresh tofu spring rolls. That was fun and it gave me a reason to finally use the asian plum sauce I canned this summer.- Yes!


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New Years Eve Menu

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Homemade Christmas Eve Menu

Sausage and Red Pepper Risotto
Arugula Salad with reduced balsamic vinaigrette
Winter Squash Buns

All of the recipes came from Homemade. This book has served be well. Almost the entire Thanksgiving meal I prepared was also from here (homemade cheese, warm potato salad, homemade crackers, and ham but not the butternut squash soup).

Great review here: 

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