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… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.

Summerfest 2011

We do this thing, in the summer, we call it Summerfest.  The Punch members who live in Thorp and Ellensburg host a get together of our closest friends and anyone on the email list of 1000.  It’s beer, art, music, rafting and food (this year the taco truck and pies).  It’s fun.

Highlights include:
1. Campfire and Whisky on Friday
2. Check In at the Thorp Mill with donuts and ginger lemonade at the Vanagon Stand
3. Leisurely float with new and old friends
4. Taco Truck and Iron Horse beer for dinner
5. The Daffodils from Edison
6. Pies in a Jar- with Winegars Ice Cream
7. Sleeping in the Vanagon under the stars
8. Sausage biscuits and fruit for breakfast

Yes, it was really that good.

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If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

A little late for the holiday, but this year was the best Halloween ever!  After years of failed costumes, I finally got one right. Not my own of course, but Porter’s skunk costume was a big hit!  Although it was incredibly simple, I couldn’t have done it without my mom. She watched Porter while I cut and sewed the felted parts onto Porter’s black hoodie. Black pants and black socks with white circles for paw prints added the finishing touches and it’s true, when crawling on the ground Porter looked like a real skunk.

He got to show off his duds at our block party. We invited everyone over for halloween beef stew and gross champagne cocktails and then the party moved to Natalie and Tanner’s. They, of course went all out with a total of I think about 6 carved pumpkins, black ice, a leaf path, cornstalks and of course full sized candy bars for treats.  We did our best to step up by projecting Nosferatu on the small building between us.

And despite the fact that only 200 people live in town, we got about 30 trick or treaters. Everythign form the little princess to the apathetic teens just out for a treat. Of course you have to give them candy for fear of the trick! The best costume went to Henrik, Howard and Lorri’s son who came as a Robotic Candy Disposal Unit.

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Paint Ellensburg

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Last Saturday was Paint Ellensburg, Gallery One’s big fundraiser.  I was hired to help coordinate it because of my experience with Artist Trust, SOIL, and a few other arts orgs.  I think everyone was happy with the changes the committee made- moving it to a new space, dinner format and a few other things. I was more proud of it then I thought I would be.  Interesting how on one hand, it’s not worth stressing over the small stuff, but on the other hand, they make the event.  Appetizers, reflectors, balloons, folded napkins, etc.  While every auction has it’s must haves and can seem a bit dull to organize at times, every organization and therefore results are different. I mean you always have art handlers but they’re not always the Rodeo Court! Anyhow, always nice to throw a party for artists and arts lovers. Justin brought Porter and my mom brought Mary so it was fun for the whole fam!  We didn’t win anything, getting outbid for the gravel and Howard’s piece but at least they went to good homes.

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Why would you live in Washington State and not come to Summerfest?

August 6, 7 and 8, 2010
In Unincorporated Thorp, Washington 

River Floaters!
Must Reserve Space by July 31st

You are invited to join PUNCH Gallery and the artist residents of Thorp, Washington for three days of art, music, beer, river floating, studio tours, and Sunday brunch.

We’re going to start Friday evening in Ellensburg at Gallery One for the opening reception of the Kittitas County Juried Exhibition. After that, we’ll be hanging out in Thorp for the remainder of the weekend.

Map to Gallery One for First Friday Artwalk

Download Map & Schedule for Thorp events

Lost on the way?
Call Justin Beckman @ 509-306-9302
or Howard Barlow @ 509-859-3196

August 6, 7 & 8. You’re welcome to come to all or just a part of the event. You can check out the schedule of events here. Please R.S.V.P. and let us know which days and events you’ll be attending.

Use the links above for more info including the schedule, lodging and what you should bring.

Need more info? Send us an email at

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May Days

Hi friends!
Lots of news to share. May marks my 33rd birthday, Porters 3rd month of life, our first Mother’s Day a garden and other updates –
1. We are moving down the road. Still the same great town, but different location.  Sunday, the 16th of May, we’ll be carting our stuff to what was once called the brown house. Mailing address is the same PO Box 555, Ellensburg, WA 98926

2. This is great for us because as many of you may know, we are investigating the potential of opening a small cafe and/or building our own place. Also, we’ll be getting a studio back next door at the old Firehouse owned by artists Howard and Lorri Barlow.

3. If you haven’t heard, Justin just got a great opportunity to go to Brooklyn and make work for a solo show. Guess what- he also gets money to make the work. What a concept! We are excited about going to Brooklyn sometime in the fall or winter (
4. Also, I quickly realized that this next year needed to be about our new family, so after 5 1/2 wonderful years, I have resigned from Artist Trust.  It won’t be all giggles, spit up and diaper changes though- in addition to the cafe idea, I’m also working with the areas BEST gallery to put on their signature fundraising event- Gallery One‘s Paint Ellensburg and was recently invited to join the board of Punch Gallery.
5. A couple of upcoming events in the area you should know about:
– May 15th – Yakima artist studio visits including Leo Adams gorgeous home
– May 16th, we’re moving. Join us for a move 2-5 and a BBQ to follow at 6pm.

– May 29th- THE Thorp Mill auction at the Party Barn. bid on snowblowers, yards of gravel and handmade quilts while enjoying the best BBQ and iced tea (weather permitting, river float to preceed).

– July 4th, Housewarming party
– August- 6th and 7th SUMMERFEST with riverfloat, art and music. You’ve heard about it, but have you lived it?

We are regularly in and out of Seattle for art related happenings.  We’re always at first Thursday and on the 18th and 23rd I’ll be at Victory Bar watching the last 2 episodes of Lost.

But please don’t hesitate to drive this way- it’s a wonderful drive, plenty of places to camp, extra beds and for a limited time, even a really cool spare house to crash in. We always have time for a tour, a BBQ and a beer walk.  The weather is supposed to be tip top this week.

Lots of love,
Monica and Porter and Justin
also, to document some stuff, we’ve started a blog here:

– To be removed from this mailing list, simply the reply and put in the Subject header : I don’t want to be your friend anymore

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