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… Fresh on to the farm. Here is an occassional chronicle of a new family in a small town.

Thorp-Edison Summit 2010

This weekend was what I hope becomes our annual summit to Edison.  It’s a small town on a popular route up near Bellingham. Think oysters, beer, cookies and lush green and there you go. Artists Sheila Klein and Reis Niemi have something of a complex up there that is near paradise.  When one thinks about growing up and being an artist, this is what they think of. Studios, property, a great garden and a couple of kids.  Yes, Justin and I like hanging out with these two at there home.  Two miles form their complex is Edison- home of two galleries, two bars, two bakeries, a curio-gallery, and our favorite- the newest local spot- hangout, breakfast joint, coffee shop and grocer, Tweets. Highlights from the trip:

Hanging on the trampoline with Justin and Porter
A visit to Golden Glen Creamery
Chattin it up with Sheila in her garden
The sugar high I got eating roca and brittle
Negotiating space for the stuff we got at the Lucky Dumpster
Sleeping in our new pad (Able the Vanagon)

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More Morels

When my parents were separated, my dad sent me a bunch of smurfs.  As a result, I’ve always found joy in the little blue guys. Recently Porter and I went hunting for morel mushrooms with our friend Natalie and the terms trippin’ and shroomin’ took on new meanings. It was fun to imagine my childhood pals running for cover as we picked through their habitat.

Thanks to Natalie for showing me the ropes, the way they grow, WHERE they grow (I’ll never tell). We had a wonderful time- what a great way to celebrate the end of spring!  Later, Justin benefited too — with dinner!

Fresh morels with leeks, parmesan, whipping cream and garlic on top of, you guessed it, asparagus! Last year, I would have never guessed that the reason morels are often paired with leeks, asparagus and eggs is because they all share the same season!  Duh!

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May Days

Hi friends!
Lots of news to share. May marks my 33rd birthday, Porters 3rd month of life, our first Mother’s Day a garden and other updates –
1. We are moving down the road. Still the same great town, but different location.  Sunday, the 16th of May, we’ll be carting our stuff to what was once called the brown house. Mailing address is the same PO Box 555, Ellensburg, WA 98926

2. This is great for us because as many of you may know, we are investigating the potential of opening a small cafe and/or building our own place. Also, we’ll be getting a studio back next door at the old Firehouse owned by artists Howard and Lorri Barlow.

3. If you haven’t heard, Justin just got a great opportunity to go to Brooklyn and make work for a solo show. Guess what- he also gets money to make the work. What a concept! We are excited about going to Brooklyn sometime in the fall or winter (
4. Also, I quickly realized that this next year needed to be about our new family, so after 5 1/2 wonderful years, I have resigned from Artist Trust.  It won’t be all giggles, spit up and diaper changes though- in addition to the cafe idea, I’m also working with the areas BEST gallery to put on their signature fundraising event- Gallery One‘s Paint Ellensburg and was recently invited to join the board of Punch Gallery.
5. A couple of upcoming events in the area you should know about:
– May 15th – Yakima artist studio visits including Leo Adams gorgeous home
– May 16th, we’re moving. Join us for a move 2-5 and a BBQ to follow at 6pm.

– May 29th- THE Thorp Mill auction at the Party Barn. bid on snowblowers, yards of gravel and handmade quilts while enjoying the best BBQ and iced tea (weather permitting, river float to preceed).

– July 4th, Housewarming party
– August- 6th and 7th SUMMERFEST with riverfloat, art and music. You’ve heard about it, but have you lived it?

We are regularly in and out of Seattle for art related happenings.  We’re always at first Thursday and on the 18th and 23rd I’ll be at Victory Bar watching the last 2 episodes of Lost.

But please don’t hesitate to drive this way- it’s a wonderful drive, plenty of places to camp, extra beds and for a limited time, even a really cool spare house to crash in. We always have time for a tour, a BBQ and a beer walk.  The weather is supposed to be tip top this week.

Lots of love,
Monica and Porter and Justin
also, to document some stuff, we’ve started a blog here:

– To be removed from this mailing list, simply the reply and put in the Subject header : I don’t want to be your friend anymore

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